FOILING WORLD CUP....... Global Sailing Action

This a very innovative- and spectacular speedsailing series with supplied foiling multihulls. 

Open Entry for every sportive sailor (no age limits). Fair Racing with One Design.

  • Race of Nations with the best Sailing Champions
  • 6-10 events worldwide (Europe, America, Asia, Middle East)
  • 10 boats for 20 teams/nations (2 teams share one boat)
  • 4 days of foiling (each team/heat has 4 races a day + medal races for top 5)
  • Arena Racing for spectators and media
  • Top ROI for sponsors
  • Very lean event- and racemanagement with new/smart sailing rules
  • Starting exactly on time. Perfect for live TV and videostream
  • Great social program (daily food+drinks)
  • Start in 2018
  • Maximum Speed and Fun!

More information will follow later.